About Us

Vision – “A Place to Learn and Grow”

Supporting creative choices, respectful relationships and positive learning opportunities.

We partner with the Parents and Whanau of our community to equip our children as independent learners for life by practicing and modelling the values of Independence – Responsibility – Curiosity – Respect – Persistence through Positive Play and an Empowered Learning approach.

Fairleigh Kindergarten is a non profit incorporated society managed by a committee elected annually from the parent body. The parent committee is committed to high resourcing levels for the centre. A major strength of the centre is its high parent involvement. The centre is licensed and Chartered through the Ministry of Education.


Fairleigh began in 1915 on the veranda of a house in Rossall Street.  It was then run as a preparatory school in Holmwood Road for five years and moved to its current site in Garden Road in 1929.  A group of parents took over the lease in 1947 and the Fairleigh Preschool and community centre was formed.  In 1950, a decision was made by the parents to purchase the property at 27 A Garden Road and an incorporated society was formed to own and administer the kindergarten.  This is how it is still run today.  The members of the society are the parents of the children currently attending Fairleigh. A parent committee is elected annually as the governance body of the kindergarten. The kindergarten is still remains not for profit and is registered with the Charities Commission.


Teachers in partnership with Parents/Whanau will provide positive learning opportunities for all learners in our Kindergarten Community.

Each learner will have the opportunity to develop a strong sense of belonging which will enhance their confidence and independence encouraging them to grow to their full potential.

Building on children’s positive strengths and interests we will promote positive learning outcomes for them. Children’s peaceful play encourages respect and empathy for others and enhances their social competence. Children are empowered to challenge themselves, show curiosity, develop responsibility and learn persistence in their learning. Children are able to choose their own learning experiences in the environment utilising the equipment provided. The daily programme is displayed showing routines for children each day. Children have kai times as a whole group at set times during the day.

We honour the ECE curriculum, Te Whāriki He Whāriki Mātauranga mō ngā Mokopuna o Aotearoa 2017 and its aspirations for learners.

Learning dispositions are noticed, recognised and responded to for children. This learning is documented in each child’s own Profile book and through the online tool, Storypark.

Opportunities are created for whanau to voice their views and aspirations which are listened and responded to. Children experience a programme which reflects ongoing learning within a planned and emergent curriculum. This programme is responsive and inclusive of bi-cultural practice for all children. Children are involved in learning together times including a Transitioning to School group.

Parents/whanau are valued as first teachers of their children and we will actively work in partnership with them seeking their input and feedback.
This community values our teachers and will support them through the provision of ongoing professional learning.

This Fairleigh Kindergarten philosophy statement is developed in collaboration with our community and is reviewed annually.

Reviewed: August 2018
Next Review: August 2019